What Useful Writing Is

What Useful Writing Is

Useful writing is writing that has a purpose. Useful writing accomplishes some practical thing. It teaches, persuades, guides, explains, enlightens, educates, entertains, or clarifies.

Sometimes it helps you rise above your routine, expanding your ideas, growing your mind, and feeding your soul.

Sometimes it grounds you in the here and now, explaining how to do something or how to deal with a stressor.

You’ve Used Useful Writing

You’ve used useful writing. If you look at what you do daily in your work, hobbies, and online, you will discover that you are using useful writing every day.

When you work to make the most interesting Facebook updates and effective tweets – whether you are simply updating your family and friends on what is going on in your life or using it communicate about your business – you are using useful writing.

If you leave notes for your housesitter about when to feed the fish and water the plants, that is practical.

When you’ve written a resume or cover letter, that is persuasive and entertaining.

When you look up a “how to” blog post or book, you are finding writing that is useful for you.

Those times that life is stressful and you just want to get away for a while and you read a story or novel to escape and live someone else’s life for a while – that writing is useful too.

When you journal to get out all that is bothering you, sort through your thoughts, manage your emotions, and organize your mind, it’s useful writing.

What Won’t Be Here

I’m not perfect; I live in a small, sometimes untidy house. Sometimes I make do or do without. Write Useful will have practical, readily available advice.  I won’t have as many gorgeous pictures of beautifully arranged food or rooms.

What to Expect from Write Useful

Writing was originally developed to hold and pass along information, to enable communication, to store what was important. Write Useful shares writing that helps you live your life.

We’ll have regular blog posts about practical life matters.

Don’t know how to plan a grocery trip? We’ll write about that. Not sure how to apologize when you’ve messed up? We’ll help you learn that too.

If you have questions about almost anything, message me and ask – your question could be the next post.

We’ll have books about life skills, interpersonal questions, and just for fun. I’ll write about or link to books, blogs, articles, or news that I’ve found useful. If I can’t find a resource I’m happy with, I’ll write it, or ask an author friend who has more knowledge to write about it.

Stay tuned for writing that helps you in real life.