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Sewing on a Budget - First of a Series on Budget-Friendly Living - Write Useful
Sewing on a Budget – First of a Series on Budget-Friendly Living

Sewing on a Budget – First of a Series on Budget-Friendly Living


I have extensive experience living on a budget. My parents started teaching us budgeting early, using the envelope method to help us learn to budget our allowances. Mom had me work through an independent living workbook when I hit teenagerhood, and I learned more about real life budgeting. When we got older, we’d have monthly family meetings where they’d explain the budget we were all operating under.  This cut down on some of the “can I have ___?” pestering they got – we all knew where the money was going, and it wasn’t there for games and fripperies.

I spent many years in university, requiring very tight budgeting sometimes. My husband and I have searched through the couch cushions to find enough change for gas to get to work or school. We’re doing somewhat better now (student loans mean the budget is still a really snug), but living within means – while still being able to eat well, pay bills, and have some enjoyment in life is something I’ve got a lot of experience with.

Why Write About It?

And I love books, writing, the written word, and thought to use that to pass on experience and ideas about how you can do that too. So the first book of the series Budget-Friendly Living is out. I decided to to start with something that can be a hobby, and can also help you dress well, outfit your home or room beautifully, and maybe even bring in some side money. Sewing on a Budget explains what tools you need, what supplies you need, how to find them inexpensively, and what practical uses sewing has in enriching your life and the lives of your family and loved ones.  There are a few descriptions of easy projects, but the focus is on budget-friendliness, practicality, and the basics of what you need.

It’s available in Kindle and in paperback. If you buy the paperback, the ebook is 99 cents.

Coming Up

There will be more. The next book will be about Vegetarian Cooking on a Budget.  I’m starting with vegetarian cooking, because that’s the one I’ve got the most experience with. The first half will describe what you need, how to stock your pantry, where to get your ingredients. The second half will have recipes, ones that I’ve made and tasted. They’ll be easy and use basic, inexpensive, healthy ingredients.

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