Vegetarian Cooking on a Budget – now in editing

Vegetarian Cooking on a Budget – now in editing

The next book in the Budget-Friendly Living series is well on its way.

I used NaNoWriMo for incentive to get the first draft finished. It’s now going through editing, cover design, and formatting.  I’ll be publishing it to Kindle and in paperback within a few weeks.

Vegetarian Cooking on a Budget discusses all things related to cooking effectively while staying in budget. I talk about tools you need for cooking. There’s a section on how to stock your pantry and how to plan meals. And of course, I’ve put together many delicious recipes from my own experiences, and from my family members going back three generations.

Keep an eye on this blog for further updates, recipe previews, and ongoing information related to other books, editing, and ways to live well and affordably.

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