Words and Winning

Words and Winning

Have you ever played word games? Like Boggle, or crosswords, or Scrabble.  You know that feeling you get when the tiles come your way, and you get something spectacular, like syzygy on a triple word score?

It’s kind of euphoric.


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And you find yourself grinning and maybe (just a little) gloating over your awesome vocabulary and opportunity-recognizing skills.

That is the feeling a writer gets when the word flow, and we find just the right way to convey that concept, phrase that persuasion, or wrap up the wordfest.

Finding the right words just when you need them is fulfilling. And your feel like you are winning – winning the game, winning at life, winning for just that moment.

The opposite feeling is true as well. That feeling when all you have a consonants and there are no free vowels and you are worried you might have to draw and pass? And suddenly the other person is gloating (worse than you ever did, you’re sure) and you no longer winning.

That happens in writing too.

When the words are hiding from you, and you are straining to get a few sentences down.

But you know what? You can work through that.

In Scrabble, you can read dictionaries, or learn by heart the “words with no vowels” section in the back of the Scrabble dictionary. You an improve your vocabulary, play more, and watch for then next open triple letter-double word score opportunity.

In writing, you keep going. And eventually, the words don’t have a place to hide. You find different words, or write a new paragraph, or simply write many, many words and then take out all the wrong ones.

It works. And sometimes, what you get after wrestling it into shape is even more euphoric than simply having an epiphany.

Because – you won.

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